Simba says farewell to the All Gold Tomato Sauce flavour

Simba says farewell to the All Gold Tomato Sauce flavour

We take a look at one of South Africa's favourite Simba Chippies...

Simba Chips says farewell to the 'All Gold Tomato Sauce' flavour
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We all feel a bit nostalgic when it comes to Simba Chips. It is a celebration of our childhood, the 'Proudly South African' flavours and the feeling of sharing your packet of crisps with your family. Opening that packet gets everyone's attention and brings them in from all areas of the house. 

Recently, the brand decided to host a campaign called, "Choose Me or Lose Me", with the aim being to cut one of three iconic Simba flavours.  The flavours were Salt and Vinegar, Cheese and Onion, and All Gold Tomato Sauce. 

Simba opened up the voting lines for fans to vote on saving their favourite flavour. Of course, after three months of voting, the votes came in and the All Gold Tomato Sauce flavour got the boot. The decision on the flavours that would be saved also took into account the sales of those flavours. 

The Senior Marketing Director for salty snacks at PepsiCo, said that South Africans have a "distinctive set of tastes", she crushed the chip on it's head there. We definitely have explorative palettes.

We really love what she added below, it shared a sense of connection for us with an age-old brand that truly represents South Africa in a unified and positive way, with our love for food and snacks. 

The All Gold Tomato Sauce flavour will still be on shelves for the next couple of months, so fans have the option of stocking up on their favourite before its demise. 

In case you were wondering, in the end they gave a good fight but South Africans cannot part with their dearly beloved Cheese and Onion and Salt Vinegar...

  1. Cheese and Onion: 539 298 (44,99%)
  2. Salt and Vinegar: 195 460 ( 37,00%)
  3. Tomato Sauce: 110 623 (18,01%) (IOL)
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