Genius or disgusting? Tik Tok user shares Lay's chips mashed potato recipe

Genius or disgusting? Tik Tok user shares Lay's chips mashed potato recipe

We are all for simple shortcuts to our favourite recipes, but swapping out real potatoes for a bag of chips to make mash may be where we draw the line! 

Mashed potatoes
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Of late, Tik Tok has become a great source of distraction and entertainment for millions of people around the world. We have all witnessed our fair share of cooking inspiration on the social media app. 

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Self-proclaimed 'Tik Tok Chef', @Elis_Kitchen, has become a social media sensation after one of his latest food recipes went viral. He is taking innovation to a whole new level by transforming a bag of chips into a bowl of mashed potatoes.  

Yes, you heard right. 

It gets weirder...

@Elis_ Kitchen's "signature cheesy mashed potatoes" video has been viewed more than 670,000 times on TikTok as of Wednesday. To make his mashed potatoes, Elis first adds salt and vinegar to a boiling saucepan, he then throws in a bag of classic Lay's chips. 

He then 'cooks' the chips until they begin to lose their shape and drains the pot. Before he finishes off his dish, Eli drinks a shot of the cooking liquid. 

We are not grossed out at all!

Food critics and just everyday social commenters were not impressed with Eli's version of mashed potatoes, with many commenting that it is disgusting. 

Why go to this extent? 

Watch Eli's famous mashed potatoes video below: 


signature cheesey mashed potatoes

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Listen to the podcast to hear if the two took part in the mash potato challenge

Of cause your favourite duo wanted to taste what the craze was all about, watch video below:

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