No more chips left in the house? Make your own with pasta!

No more chips left in the house? Make your own with pasta!

While you're staying home and staying safe, why not try to make the latest TikTok food craze?

#PastaChips TikTok airfryer recipe

We don't care what anybody says - carbs are the best!

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Sure, you should eat them in moderation, just like all the other food groups, but there's just something about a good sandwich, a cheesy slice of pizza, or any potato-based dish that just hits different.

And don't get us started on pasta...

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By now we all know that TikTok is home to some of the craziest and most delicious food trends!

From viral feta pasta to steak cooking hacks that involve a toaster, we've just about seen it all.

But what would happen if you took a conventional carb dish, used an unconventional way of preparing this meal, and replaced the original carbs with a different type of carbohydrate?

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Will it be a hit or a miss?

Turns out TikTok user @feelgoodfoodie decided to try this one out so we wouldn't have to. Except it seems to be so delicious and out of the box, now we really want to try it!

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Introducing: PastaChips!

It's not hard to figure out what this one is. Pasta is generally quite soft and chewy, but with the help of a trusty, and just as trendy, air fryer, you can turn your pasta into crunchy, flavourful chips.

Watch the video below to see how Yumna Jawad, also known as @feelgoodfoodie, makes her PastaChips and dip:


#pastachips are my new favorite chips! They’re so good and make the best appetizer! #pastatiktok #summertime

♬ Music Food (Director Cut Mix) - Chad

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It's so quick and simple.

Throw your cooked pasta in a mix of parmesan cheese and olive oil, toss it into your air fryer and cook for 10 minutes at 200 degrees.

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And if you don't own an air fryer but want to try these tasty pasta treats for yourself, don't worry because @cookingwithayeh has got you with an oven-friendly recipe:

(Although this one does take a while longer to bake, the outcome is still as delicious.)

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Since the birth of this trend, users have already been putting all kinds of twists on it to make different flavours and types of PastaChips - like giant PastaChips:

And even a Desi-style PastaChips:

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Seems like this is another TikTok trend that is a confirmed favourite, although it might still take some getting used to eating the new crunchy, hard pasta texture.

With so many food hacks and trends constantly making its way onto our timelines, it's hard to imagine what could possibly be next?!

Main image courtesy of @feelgoodfoodie/TikTok

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