WEIRD: Crazy food combinations - A curry made out of potato chips!

WEIRD: Crazy food combinations - A curry made out of potato chips!

A post on Twitter has received attention thanks to its weirdness or maybe its innovation... we're not sure...

WEIRD: A curry made out of potato chips/crisps

We love the whole concept of weird and wacky food combinations, whether they're experimental or just plain down crazy delicious, we will quote what Vic Naidoo says, "One should always try something at least once." 

So when we heard about this potato chip curry, we thought, hmmm, let's explore this more. 

Last year, Vic Naidoo explored a weird food combination that stemmed from the regeneration of the science fiction series, Doctor Who, later becoming, The Eleventh Doctor. 

The Doctor, played by Matt Smith, ate fish fingers and custard often and apparently didn't find it bad-tasting initially. Later on in the series, the fish fingers were substituted and replaced with coconut breaded cakes. So we guess it got a bit funky after some time...

Our very own Vic Naidoo tried this combination - LISTEN to Vic chatting about weird food combos below:

A post put up on a Facebook group called, Kolkata Food Trotters, of potato chip curry received some attention online. After a tweet was posted about the curry, it revealed that more than just a few people are open to trying out weird food combinations. 

One person tweeted the below pic, saying: "Biscuit curry" (courtesy of Twitter


WEIRD: A curry made out of potato crisps/chips...

Watch the video of Vic Naidoo and Stacey Norman trying out the fish fingers and custard (courtesy of Facebook):

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