Rapper T.I and his wife accused of involvement in sex trafficking

Rapper T.I and his wife accused of involvement in sex trafficking

WARNING: The following article contains material that could be disturbing to some readers.

T.I and Tiny
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T.I. has been a serious player in the music industry for some time, but recently it seems like the musician's career is heading towards its end.

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It all started when Sabrina Peterson had an altercation with T.I.'s assistant, which led to the rapper allegedly pointing a gun at her head.

Peterson took to Instagram to tell her story, but T.I's wife has since come to his defence:

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Since she's spoken up about being held at gunpoint, Peterson has received a flood of direct messages from other victims.

However, these stories contain very serious accusations and involve drugs and many different kinds of abuse.

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Around 19 women have come forward, many choosing to remain anonymous for their own safety, and have accused T.I. of hugely inappropriate and disgusting behaviour.

They have also revealed that his wife, Tiny, has been an accomplice and is just as guilty as her husband.

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The women tell of experiences that involve sexual coercion, money, and more.

Peterson has been sharing the accounts on her Instagram stories, trying to raise awareness for the victims with the hopes that someone will help them, support them, and ensure that T.I. and Tiny pay for their crimes.

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Many of the stories follow the same pattern.

Girls would be invited to hotel rooms and suites where they would be offered drugs and if they refused the substances, they were forced to take them regardless.

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The victims would be crying and want to leave but they were restricted from doing so, while others were passed out and barely conscious.

The couple has also physically abused some victims and threatened them with deportation if they were to alert authorities or speak out about what happened.

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There are also accounts of underage girls being pressured into situations they had no control over and more.

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As the number of victims continues to grow, the more shocking it becomes.

T.I. and Tiny have yet to respond to any of the claims made.

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Although no legal action has yet been made against the couple, it does seem quite likely that these women could be telling the truth and if that is the case, this needs to be dealt with immediately.

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