Trump's campaign advisor might eat a shoe on live stream...

Trump's campaign advisor might eat a shoe on live stream...

Making wagers can be super fun or lead to disaster, there is no in-between.

Eat shoe

There are always consequences to your actions.

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Some of these consequences can be catastrophic while others can be entertaining or more on the normal side.

But when it comes to making a bet, things can get a little out of hand.

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Especially if you go into it with this kind of mindset:

Fired Up

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A game of chance has a lot of risks involved.

If you play with money, you could lose a lot.

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Or if you have the same kind of friends as Ted Mosby in 'How I Met Your Mother', you might have to endure actual physical pain if you lose the bet.

Never heard of a slap-bet? Well, now you have. 


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(Quick disclaimer: we do not condone any violence and you should definitely not be making slap-bets because they really aren't fun).

There have been many stories of friends having to shave their heads or beards.

Sometimes people have to get permanently inked with something that is more on the embarrassing side of things, and that should not be seen by anyone's mother under any circumstance.

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There have even been wagers that have made their way into news headlines, with the most recent one being Trump's campaign advisor eating his shoe.

And no, you did not read that wrong.

His campaign advisor, Harlan Hill, made a very outrageous promise when he spoke to The Atlantic.

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He said that he was so sure Trump would be re-elected that if Biden won the election, he would eat his shoe and that they could even do it on a live stream.

Unfortunately for anyone looking forward to tuning in on that show, he has since only eaten his own words and will not be eating the shoe.

However, it does seem like the preferred wager of people in politics is eating random objects:

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But unlike Hill, he did actually follow through, eating his book on live television:

Carol Ofori wanted to know what crazy bets KZN have been a part of or fallen victim to, so she asked them to share their stories:

For more unmissable Carol Ofori moments, listen here:

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