Man angrily swears at baby during live-stream, Internet hits back

Man angrily swears at baby during live-stream, Internet hits back

The incident took place while the father was playing a game on the live video streaming site, Twitch.

Baby yell

It doesn't take a lot for you to end your career, or possibly ruin your entire life, on the internet.

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All you need is one wrong move, one terrible Tweet, or one accidental message sent to the wrong group.

Within a few minutes, you could be making headlines, whether you're a famous creator, influencer, celebrity or not.

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We have seen many careers come and go thanks to the power of the internet.

Streaming site Twitch grew its popularity and following through gamers, as people would live-stream themselves playing all sorts of games.

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Almost anyone can use the platform for streaming purposes and now, one of its many users has been publically called out after he broadcasted his horrifying behaviour on the internet.

In the video, you can see that the user, who originally went by the name of 'buckkerz', was playing a Madden NFL game when his controller malfunctioned.

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This is the moment his rage took over.

His child, who had been sitting in his lap, starts crying as the father starts yelling and freaking out about the controller.

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He then moves the baby to a nearby chair, while the baby is still crying, before saying: "I gotta go yo, I'm about to f***ing lose it yo."

The baby cries one more time, which leads him to turn around, facing his child, and yelling: "SHUT THE F*** UP!"

You can watch the video HERE, but please be warned, it is not for sensitive viewers and East Coast Radio condemns violence of this nature.

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Since the incident, Twitter has blown up with people sharing the video, but they have also done much more than that.

According to, people have come together after witnessing this awful behaviour by finding any information they can about this individual.

They have contacted the Child Protective Services to inform them of this mistreatment and have been trying their best to make sure the baby is okay.

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In an attempt to turn the situation around, 'buckkerz' has changed his online name to 'Imsorry1234556'.

But the internet is having none of it.

Users have also called on Twitch to take action against this type of behaviour.

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Feeling angry while playing a game is fine, but taking that anger out on any other person, especially your own baby, is absolutely unacceptable.

It seems like the whole world has condemned this man for his actions and everyone has come to the agreement that punishment is required.

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Throughout this entire series of events, the mother has remained absent and has not released any sort of statement or reaction.

We can only hope that the baby is in a safer space at this moment and will not have to endure anything like that again.

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