"I know it's not easy, because I know how I feel as I work in a hospital..."

"I know it's not easy, because I know how I feel as I work in a hospital..."

The COVID-19 virus isn't going anywhere any time soon, so Carol Ofori is still making her Women Crush Wednesday's all about the female frontline workers.

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The fight against the coronavirus continues.

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Day in and day out, people are still becoming infected and being raced to the hospital where tired, overworked medical staff have to try their best to save as many lives as they possibly can.

Healthcare practitioners like nurses and doctors are being pushed to their limits like never before, and they deserve our utmost appreciation.

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But we tend to forget that there are other workers who are also putting their own lives, and those closest to them, on the line every day.

These people aren't necessarily working with patients or finding the cure for the virus, but the role they have been playing in this pandemic is just as crucial.

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Today, Carol is honouring Busi Sithole, who is one of these essential workers at Netcare Umhlanga Hospital. 

Busi plays a pivotal and vital role at the hospital and without people like her, things could be going a lot worse.

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Take a listen below as she takes the time out of her busy day to share her COVID-19 story and what her experience, working in such close contact with the virus, has been like:

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