Apple issues warning to iPhone users with certain medical conditions

Apple issues warning to iPhone users with certain medical conditions

It turns out that owning the latest iPhone could potentially be a major health risk for many users.

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Everyone knows that being on your smartphone 24/7 is not the most responsible thing.

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Just because it can track your steps and fitness goals doesn't mean it offers you any real health benefits.

Though it seems like the latest smartphone from Apple comes with a very explicit warning. 

Or it might just be the first time anyone has read the terms and conditions part of the user manual and noticed some very important notes.

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Either way, in their new support document, the company has made users of their various devices aware of some of the risks the phones, and their accessories, could have on people with underlying medical conditions.

They have issued a complete warning, explaining everything thoroughly and gave clarity on the situation.

In October, after the release of its latest phone model, medical professionals also initially cautioned users.

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It's important to note that the phone should be perfectly safe to use by any individuals (this is not a Samsung exploding situation), those with implanted medical devices should be extra careful.

Apple states that individuals with implanted pacemakers or defibrillators should use caution as its MagSafe accessories, more specifically the MagSafe Chargers, which are wireless chargers for your Apple devices.

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The implanted medical devices could respond to the magnets and radios with the accessories or phone and this puts these people at risk.


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While the iPhone 12 contains more magnets than previous models, it shouldn't pose any greater risk, but if have any of these medical implants you should try to remain at a safe distance of more than 15cm away.

If it is charging wirelessly, it is recommended that you remain 30cm apart from the devices.

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Follow these steps and you are likely to avoid any potential interactions between any of the devices and remain unharmed, although users are also encouraged to consult a medical professional, like their doctors, for more guidance.

This isn't the first warning Apple has issued for their new MagSafe range.

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It wasn't too long after the first launch that the company informed the public that the chargers could harm RFID chips, like those found in bank cards, and even damage leather iPhone cases.

But, as previously mentioned, smartphones were never created for health purposes and we should all be okay if we listen to medical professionals, and take everything in moderation.

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