WATCH: Hippos steal crocodiles' kill!

WATCH: Hippos steal crocodiles' kill!

Crocodiles are known to be ferocious killers, but the hippopotamus is the deadliest large land mammal and should not be aggravated.

Hippo steal
Kruger Sightings YouTube

The circle of life is a wonderful thing, although sometimes strange.

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While we might think we know everything about every animal, they still surprise us almost every day and we continue to learn new things about these creatures.

Sometimes you might be lucky enough to actually capture these rare moments that have never before been witnessed by any other human, and share them with the world.

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One of these moments can be seen in a video that has been released on Latest Sightings, which is a popular wildlife site where Kruger National Park visitors can share their nature footage.

The almost unbelievable moment was captured by Lean van Biljon, who was visiting the park with some colleagues, while they were at Crook's Corner (where South Africa, Mozambique, and Zimbabwe meet).

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Speaking to Latest Sightings, Lean explained what exactly went down in the video.

There was one herd of cattle that approached the water and the bells around their necks to which the crocodiles reacted and they started their approach.

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But it wasn't until a second herd approached the water that things really started to get exciting.

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After a few crocs took down the animal, the hippos entered the chat.

You can watch the complete video below:

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While we like to sometimes think of hippos as cute and cuddly, this serves as a gentle reminder that they are still a force to be reckoned with.

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Main image courtesy of Kruger Sightings YouTube

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