The biggest beauty predictions for 2021

The biggest beauty predictions for 2021

Last year changed every aspect of our lives and many industries had to adapt to these new challenges and way of life. That includes the beauty industry...

Beauty tredns

The changes in the industry are evident and very clear.

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Many brands and companies have needed to adapt to the new normal and the challenges they were faced with last year are not close to disappearing just yet.

With people still having to wear masks and stay home, while many businesses such as nail/ hair/ beauty-salons might close at any time, these factors are still clearly having an effect on the beauty trends expected this year.

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These are the beauty trends that are set to take this year from grubby to gorgeous.


According to Glamour, 'skinimalism' is a term coined by Pinterest and its focus is on embracing your natural skin and working with minimal makeup.

Kind of like the no-makeup, makeup look. 

This makes sense given that most of us are spending most of our time at home and women, and men, have been spending more money and time on skincare than ever before.

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Protective Styles

Pinterest has revealed that in 2020 searches for knotless box braids went up 150% and searches for yarn braid styles went up 146% since trips to the salon were not an option. 

After last year we have had to learn how to take care of our hair and find ways of DIY-ing protective styles.

This year people will be pushing it even further by taking these styles to the next level, like this look from Tessa Thompson created by Lacy Redway and Nakia Collins.

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It's clear that 2020 had the biggest impact on hygiene, and we are more aware of cleanliness than ever before.

Almost every beauty brand has released hand sanitiser; even Kylie Cosmetics jumped on the train.

This year these products will be coming back with new improvements making them more luxurious and better for the skin while still maintaining the main objective of keeping you safe.

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Combating Maskne

Mask acne very quickly became a very real thing.

And since masks are clearly not going anywhere, there's still the issue of potential acne that comes along with it.

Many skin experts have given their top tips for how to try and combat the irritating reality that is maskne:

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Mask-proof lipsticks

While most lipstick transfer concerns in the past involved food, glasses, and kissing, these have been left in 2020.

In 2021 we're looking for lipsticks that won't mess up any masks and Who What Wear says that lip stains and liquid lipsticks are your best bet.

Liquid lipsticks and lip stains were created with longevity in mind and tend to have a lot less transfer than traditional lipsticks, which makes them ideal for mask-worthy glam:

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This year has only just begun and there are still many days ahead, so who knows what beauty looks will pop up on our social media timelines?

Will there be some strange new eyebrow-trends? Maybe.

Although we might be stuck at home, we can't wait to see what other exciting, or even just helpful, beauty trends will be born this year.

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