Rouge on AKA's death: 'They really killed Kiernan'

Rouge on AKA's death: 'They really killed Kiernan'

Rouge still can't believe that AKA is no longer alive. 

Rapper Rouge
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Rapper Rouge is still in a state of shock following the brutal murder of Kiernan 'AKA' Forbes.  

"They really killed Kiernan," she tweeted this week.

AKA was killed shortly before he was scheduled to perform at a club in Durban on 10 February 2023. He was shot at point blank range as he left a restaurant on Florida Road. 

His close friend, entrepreneur and chef Tebello 'Tibz' Motsoane, was also killed. The murders were captured on CCTV footage which showed two armed men waiting for the 'Mass Country' rapper as he left the restaurant. 

 Police confirmed that the incident was an assassination. One day after AKA's death, Rouge took to Instagram to pay tribute to her friend.

"None of this feels real. Kiernan you were something else. I’m blessed to have had the chance to be around you. You had been nothing but incredible to me since the very first day you met me. You literally gave me a chance when nobody cared and you changed my life. You always showed up for me from day one," she wrote. 

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Rouge's latest post about the rapper on Twitter showed that AKA's fans - who are known as 'The Megacy' - also can't believe that he is gone. 

"It gets unreal every day, like why mara, why!" one tweep wrote.

Another user wrote: "The audacity mhennn. That was cruel and evil. I dont know how we will recover from this, maybe the only thing that can help us heal is having his killers behind bars. Nothing more nothing less. #JusticeForAKA."

A third person commented: "When the music comes I get mixed emotions happy, sad, angry, blessed like I really didn’t expect Kiernan to go out that way so early #JusticeForAKA."

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AKA suspects arrest

AKA's fans continue to demand justice. Several media houses reported on Sunday that at least four suspects were arrested in connection with the rapper's murder. 

Police denied the reports, telling ECR Newswatch that the reports were misleading and jeopardised the case

Three of the alleged suspects were released without charge overnight, while a fourth person appeared in court. His lawyers told the court that there was no connection between him and AKA's killing

The suspect was cleared in the case, with his lawyers noting that he was not charged with anything linked to AKA's assassination  

He does, however, face charges for a separate crime.

AKA's family - including his mother Lynn Forbes and father Tony - continue to share some of their favourite memories with him on Instagram. 

Lynn and Tony have also shown support for AKA's partner Nadia Nakai and DJ Zinhle - the mother of his daughter Kairo. 

"Family," Lynn captioned a picture of herself with Nadia, and Brittany Smith - her son Steffan Forbes' partner. 

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