DJ Zinhle remembers the year she met AKA

DJ Zinhle remembers the year she met AKA, celebrates 11 years of Era

DJ Zinhle has taken to social media to celebrate the successful running of her fashion accessory brand, Era. She also remembered the year she met her baby daddy, the late AKA. 

DJ Zinhle and AKA/ Instagram
DJ Zinhle and AKA/ Instagram

DJ Zinhle is still mourning the death of her baby daddy, Kiernan Forbes, who was popularly known as AKA. 

The DJ took to Instagram Stories on Tuesday evening to share that she met the late rapper eleven years ago. 

Zinhle started her post by celebrating the successful running of her fashion accessory brand, Era, before revealing that she started the brand the same year she met AKA. 

She wrote: "11 years of @erabydjzinhle 11 years of knowing Kiernan."

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Dj Zinhle AKA post
Dj Zinhle AKA post / IG stories
Era by DJ Zinhle
Era by DJ Zinhle / IG stories

Zinhle and AKA's relationship 

DJ Zinhle and AKA started dating in 2012 after they had met in Botswana at a gig. 

"We met at a show in Botswana. I was DJing...I knew him because I had DM'd him. I checked him out on social media the one time and saw a few songs and I was like 'aw, this guy is dope and so cute'," she told MacG on 'Podcast and Chill'. 

In 2015, the couple welcomed their daughter, Kairo, who was born in July. However, they broke up after AKA cheated with Bonang Matheba. 

They later got back together in 2018 and broke up the same year. 

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Successful co-parenting

Zinhle and AKA were often praised by social media users for their peaceful co-parenting despite them being in relationships with other people. 

Zinhle, who is now married to musician Bongani Mohosana, aka Murdah Bongz, took to social media following AKA's passing to talk about how they never allowed their failed relationship to interfere with how they raised Kairo. 

"The last time I saw you, you told me how proud you are of us and how well we were co-parenting, we had come a long way and even though it challenged a lot of people in how well we co-parented. It was never about society or us, it was always about our daughter and what was best for her. Another secret was that they did not allow their failed relationship to interfere with how they raised Kairo. 

"We quickly learnt that our differences would not be a burden for our daughter, our past mistakes could not deprive our daughter of a happy childhood with love from both mom and dad. 

"I am so glad we figured it out, it’s as if we knew you would not be around long enough," she wrote. 

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