"They can't stand to see us excel in a male-dominated industry" - Rouge

"They can't stand to see us excel in a male-dominated industry" - Rouge

Are you even in the music industry if you don't have beef with someone?


Musicians are constantly being pitted against each other within the industry.

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Female artists are also encouraged not to support each other, and it is huge news when it is revealed that two celebs get along. While some truly can't stand one another, sometimes the 'beef' between artists is completely fabricated.

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One of these infamous quarrels involves two of South Africas biggest female rappers: Rouge and Nadia Nakai. But the Award-winning Rouge has put these rumours to rest after a recent interview on "Podcast and Chill With MacG".

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While addressing the apparent "beef", she also mentioned how people are looking to create unnecessary drama.

You can watch the interview below: 

Although some people might be disappointed to not hear that there is actual drama, we are very happy to see these women are supporting each other.

All while killing the music game! 

For more unmissable moments, listen here:

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Main image courtesy of Rouge Official Instagram

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