All the pearls from the #Unshaken Podcast Series

All the pearls from the #Unshaken Podcast Series

We are proud to have been able to ignite the difficult conversations among our fellow women.

#Unshaken Pod


After the Feminism podcast we can all agree on one thing, it is relative. Stacey Norman led the conversation regarding this topic and different views and definitions of what 'Feminism' is and looks like emerged. 

Back then it meant heading to the streets and actively protesting to be seen as equal to men and having equal rights. 

It has definitely changed a great deal since then. The ECR ladies all are 'Feminists' in their own individual ways.

Take a listen to the podcast and figure it out for yourself. 

Are you a feminist? 

Body Positivity

This specific topic in the podcast hit close to home for so many women. When Minnie Ntuli opened the floor, she took the rest of the ladies back to the first time they felt something was 'wrong' with their bodies. 

And the round table had similar answers placed at the centre - people who were really close to them, educators, parents etc. 

In a world where the media has painted a certain picture of what 'the right body' is, especially for women, embracing it and appreciating it for what is and what it has been through is a lifelong journey. 

That specific quote highlights the essence of our relationships with our bodies. The main ingredient to embracing, celebrating, nurturing and accepting our bodies is love. 

Take a listen to how our ladies navigated the path to finally being comfortable in their skin(s): 


There was no holding back here, there was no hiding and shying away. This is because conversations regarding this specific topic are avoided and seen as 'disgusting' or 'taboo'. 

But why? 

Keri Miller took the steering wheel on this topic. Her opening line took so many people by surprise.

She has since shared that so many women are now opening up and thanking the team for making a place for such conversations. 

Women are not to be ashamed and embarrassed of what they can do for themselves. 

Take a listen to how they each discovered they could enjoy themselves: 


The general consensus all around the room was that being self-sufficient is the way to go. 

But when Carol Ofori started the conversation she asked a very important question. 

Are women who can provide for themselves seen as less attractive to men? Are they a threat? 

Well, the tables have surely turned since a man is not necessarily seen as the 'provider' in society. 

Women are in huge positions leading countries; huge 'male' industries like mining. 

Is your man really the one if he feel some type of way about you being able to make your own money? 

Take a listen to this thought-provoking conversation: 

We are truly so grateful to our team to have created such a platform for women this Women's Month. 

The podcast has received so much love from our listeners and we hope you are able to have these conversations with your sisters, your friends, your mothers and your daughters. 

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