"In loving your body, you will do what is best for your body" - Carol Ofori

"In loving your body, you will do what is best for your body." - Carol Ofori #Unshaken

A consistent conversation that should occur among women.

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Darren, Keri and Sky 

Keri speaks about the way in which as a child, she didn't enjoy swimming because they would tease her under water. Even her ballet teacher had made her feel she was not enough in how she looked because of her thighs. She had to wear baggy clothes to hide her body. 

It is so sad that from a very young age, women have to think about how they look and obsess over that for the rest of their lives.  

This is a struggle that most children go through. You realise that the problem with image starts when we are little. And how do children know that someone has gained weight? It's all in the media and society. 

Keri gained 30kg after moving to the USA. She only realised later on in her life that she had been negligent in what she was consuming for her body. Now, she is much more mindful in her food consumption and it has been a long journey for her to this intimate relationship she has with her body. 

Something to take from her in the podcast is:

Carol Ofori

Carol Ofori shares some key insights into the transition of her body from pre-babies to post-babies. It was a state of flux and she surrenders to that by saying that loving your body is the key factor in 'body positivity'. Because by loving your body, you will do what's best for your body.

As much as motherhood is absolutely amazing, the changes that your body undergoes is real and it's different. It's like relating to a new person looking back at you in the mirror. She expresses that Greg has always been extremely supportive and motivational to her when it comes to her body. 

She shares that there are so many people that have made her conscious of her body, people that she loves and she respects, and the thing is it still happens today. Many women can relate to her experience, if it just helps one woman realise her beauty is in her hands and not in anyone else's, then it will all be worth it...

Stacey and J Sbu

The journey to body positivity does not look the same for everyone.

Stacey and J Sbu opened up about the struggles they have faced when it comes to completely accepting their bodies just the way they are.

Stacey believes that body positivity is the destination and although she spoke about her own body image on the #Unshaken podcast, she wanted to write a very special message to all the women, and men, who might be facing their own demons.

Read her post below:

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