Zozibini Tunzi claps back at Twitter troll

Zozibini Tunzi claps back at Twitter troll

She might be a queen but that doesn't mean she's going to keep her opinion to herself.

ZT Miss Universe troll

Wearing the Miss Universe crown can be a heavy burden.

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The woman who carries it also carries a lot of responsibilities and has to represent herself a certain way.

When addressing her 520,000+ followers on Twitter, she has to choose her words carefully.

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But she is still going to defend herself and speak up when she feels like it.

After she took to social media to congratulate her Miss SA successor, Shudufhadzo Musida, another user had some very negative things to say.

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Instead of celebrating her win, he chose to focus on the fact that Tunzi encouraged women to chose their own, natural hair above weaves.

But Tunzi would have none of it and had the most perfect response:

And in the end he decided to apologise:

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Note to self: never try to take on the queen.

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Main image courtesy of Zozibini Tunzi

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