Harry Potter superfan transforms his home into a Hogwarts fantasy

Harry Potter superfan transforms his home into a Hogwarts fantasy

This might seem ‘Riddikulus’ but it will make you want to shout ‘Wingardium Leviosa’

Harry Potter room makeover

Being a Harry Potter fan isn’t something out of the ordinary or something that makes you super special.

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There are a lot of fans out there that have incorporated Harry Potter into their everyday lives as well as the more special moments.

From Harry Potter themed birthdays and tattoos, to even having Harry Potter themed weddings!

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But Brian Thompson, from California, decided to bring Harry Potter into his own home.

He was able to transform his entire garage into a magical marvel.

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He says he has always been obsessed with theme parks and that they create this illusion that you are entering a new world.

He kept to his budget by doing most of the work himself, and he started this journey by recreating the enchanted sky in the Harry Potter great hall.

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And although the rest of the room looks incredible, the ceiling is his pride and joy. 

Have a look at the incredible transformation below:

Main image courtesy of YouTube

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