What is the ultimate first date deal breaker?

What is the ultimate first date deal breaker?

From bad breath to terrible table manners - and everything in between...

Bad date ew

One of the first things you notice about someone is usually their looks.

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No matter how much we claim to look past appearance and not be judgemental, it is literally the first thing you notice about a person because it's there!

So there are some obvious things you can tell from someone's looks.

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Like if they have a nice smile and nice teeth.

FirstDate, an online dating website, had its members describe the perfect night out and the survey revealed some massive dealbreakers.

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The most common thing every single person agreed on was that if their date is unreliable and does not have a beautiful, show-stopping smile, there will be no second date.

Along with the deal breakers, men and women also both agreed that a quiet dinner at a local restaurant is what they preferred.

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More info revealed that ladies shouldn't want to get too dressed up as 39.9% of men would rather have you dressed comfortably.

And lastly, 31.2% of women said that men should avoid taking them to a bar on the first date.

So now you have some tips and tricks that you can remember the next time you are going on a date, which might only happen in 2021, to be honest.

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