Woman who calls herself 'Real-Life Barbie" has more than 20 lip filler injections

Woman who calls herself 'Real-Life Barbie" has more than 20 lip filler injections

This is the most extreme pout we have ever seen!


Andrea Ivanova is a 22-year-old from Bulgaria.

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But she is no average young adult and what sets her apart from most people is very obvious.

She has a HUGE mouth.

Her lips might just take the record for biggest lips ever.

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Although her lips aren't the only changes she's made to her appearance, they are definitely the most noticeable and drastic.

You also might not believe it, but she wants them even bigger.

Andrea ivanova

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She has had 20 rounds of lip filler injections and has no intention of stopping anytime soon. She has only been getting them since 2018.

She has also admitted that everyday tasks, like eating, can be hard, especially right after getting the injections done.

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Whether you believe in body-positivity or even if you are an advocate for cosmetic surgery, anyone should agree that this is pretty extreme.

Move over Kylie Jenner, Andrea Ivanova is coming for your Lip Queen Crown!

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