You can now buy jeans with fake grass stains for R27,000

You can now buy jeans with fake grass stains for R27,000

At least they're Gucci...


Fashion has left many of us saying "what?" or "are you serious?" over the decades.

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Brands are always trying to be more original and creative than their competition, while continuing to push the fashion boundaries.

Sometimes it leads to complete success with the items selling out in minutes. 

But sometimes it can leave people all over the world with a big question mark.

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From platform Crocs (which made it's debut on the Balenciaga runway)...

To a $1,000 leather cooler box designed by Alexander Wang in collaboration with Magnum ice-cream...

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Now Gucci has decided to take their jeans to the next level.

By adding grass stains.

They have just unveiled their Fall/Winter collection and caused some confusion when people spotted some questionable stains on their jeans.

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While most people would be able to get these stains themselves by just rolling around in the park, Gucci has decided to charge between $1,200 and $1,400 for a pair of grassgreen jeans or overalls.

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Gucci described the look as "exploring new takes" on the iconic fabric, trying different washing techniques and reinterpreting different designs.

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If you would like to complete the look, you can also get yourself a matching pair of sneakers.

While most of us want our sneakers to shine brighter than our future, Gucci has also released a shoe that comes in three designs, one being a distressed, vintage, and lived-in vibe

Can you just imagine what your mother's reaction would be if you were to wear these clothes when you visit her?

It would definitely be something along the lines of: "You chose to look like that?!"

Main image courtesy of Twitter

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