Marmite pasta: Disgusting or delicious?

Marmite pasta: Disgusting or delicious?

It might look normal but it's definitely an acquired taste.

Marmite pasta

Foodies everywhere are divided after food queen Nigella Lawson shared a new recipe.

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Lawson shared the below recipe to her Instagram, but it turned into quite a controversial debate.

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Let's be honest: Marmite is very much a love-it-or-hate-it ingredient.

Although this recipe is said to be ideal for those who are looking to save some money (it only calls for four ingredients) while still enjoying a yummy meal.

It is part of her #RecipeOfTheDay series and she especially made sure to ask Italians to not get mad at her.

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Fans have since responded by saying they are "appalled" and that this pasta is an abomination.

The recipe was originally featured in her 2010 cookbook 'Kitchen' and was inspired by Italian chef Anna Del Conte.

Although there have been a few who are clearly against this, there many who have come in defense of the recipe saying it is absolutely delicious!

Main image courtesy of Nigella Lawson Official Instagram

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