'Karen' Halloween mask is the most 2020 thing you'll see today

'Karen' Halloween mask is the most 2020 thing you'll see today

It's almost spooky season so make sure you get your costume ready.


Although most Karens are refusing to wear any kind of masks during a pandemic, you can pretend to be a Karen for a day with this mask.

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How ironic?

Jason Adcock is a 34-year-old who has been overwhelmed with the amazing response to his cheeky creation.

Although he has received countless orders for the mask, he has also had his fair share of mean comments come his way.

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These triggered internet 'Karens' have even requested to speak to his manager!

He is continuing on and shows no sign of stopping his operation.

The mask is handpainted-latex rubber and features the classic Karen haircut, the blond bob, and is called 'KAREN-19'.

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Jason was inspired to create the mask after seeing all the news stories of these types of women and realising they were the real monsters of 2020.

He said his main goal is to make people laugh and he certainly has.

Even if you don't celebrate Halloween, you have to admit, this is a pretty spectacular mask!

Main image courtesy of Jason Adcock Offical Instagram

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