The first reality TV show set to take place in... space!

The first reality TV show set to take place in... space!

If you thought 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians' was out of this world, you're in for a surprise...


The 'Space Hero' series is going to change the reality television game.

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The new and unusual reality show is being developed by Space Hero Inc., a media production company in the USA.

What makes this show so unique? It will be the first television series filmed in space!

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The winner of the contest, open to contestants from all around the world, will be blasted into space aboard the SpaceX Crew Dragon spaceship.

So what will the winner be doing in space? Just floating around?

Not exactly. They will actually be on their way to visit the International Space Station.

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The chairman of Space Hero Inc., Marty Pompadur, says that they believe space should be open to everyone, not only astronauts and billionaires.

The show will require space-loving individuals to take part in grueling astronaut training, following them as they go along, with it all coming down to viewers voting for their favourite contestant.

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The winner will then be sent on a ten-day trip to the ISS, while accompanied by actual NASA astronauts, which will also be documented on the show.

This is also not the first time companies have attempted real-life space shows.

Dutch broadcaster, Nederland 1, and Sony Pictures TV have also had a show in the works called, 'Milky Way Mission', which would aim to send Dutch celebrities to space.

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What makes 'Space Hero' unique though is that they have already secured the winner's seat.

We might be losing the Kardashians, but it seems like reality television is moving forward to better and even BIGGER things!

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