Where's the lie? Can you tell who is being honest?

Where's the lie? Can you tell who is being honest?

This is your one-stop-shop for the most iconic and most talked about moments from Vic Naidoo this week.

truth lies

Has this week been too tough? Were you so busy that you didn't even have a single chance to listen to your favourite show?

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Are you looking to just sit back and relax while enjoying the weekend?

Then have a look at all the top moments, from Vic's show this week.

From dating Israeli popstars to dinner with the stars, these five days were wild from start to finish!

On Monday, Vic and KZN had to help a young woman decide if she should stay in Durban or move with her demanding boyfriend on #KeepOrCut:

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Then Vic and his team played a little game of 'Where is the lie?' and only one person was telling the truth.

Who could it be...

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Producer Rory and Vic have been namedropping and can't stop bragging about the famous people they've met.

However, it turns out that some people in KZN had WAY more impressive stories and casual run-ins with celeb royalty:

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You are also more than welcome to catch up on any other great moments that you might have missed (or if you want to listen to them again):

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