WATCH: A video of a man subtracting his waiter's tip gets attention online

WATCH: A video of a man subtracting his waiter's tip gets attention online

A man goes viral on TikTok as he shares a video of himself subtracting his waiter's tip from the bill...

WATCH: A video of a man subtracting his waiter's tip gets attention online
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The service industry is going through a lot. Yes, many industries are, but when it comes to being a server, waitress or waiter, or barman, you wait for your tips because they account for a lot when it comes to paying off your expenses. 

We have highlighted some cool stories on the station recently about some patrons giving some big tips to certain restaurants, and it really brightened up some of these people's lives, especially due to the effects of the pandemic. 

We have seen many things online that are done just as a joke, but are taken seriously by many people. We think that this has a lot to do with their feelings about it all. This is what happened when this man posted a video of his restaurant bill. 

It shows someone writing a negative amount for the waiter's tip and it got people revved up. Some said it doesn't work that way, you have to still pay, whether or not you were not happy with the service. 

WATCH the video below (courtesy of TikTok):


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The video was just a joke as many people figured out as they watched the video carefully. But some were very much triggered by the video and said that no one is obligated to tip if they feel like the service was not up to their standard. 

We are not sure if that is a fair way to look at things. Specifically because there are so many factors to consider when you are thinking about being a waiter/waitress. 

One person said: "Do you make 2 dollars an hour? And then have to further suffer for the employment shortage?" To which someone responded: "No but if I did I would make sure to satisfy the customer so he tips accordingly surely you'd have more incentive on two bucks an hour but then again." 

The first person responded: "Your privilege is evident. Maybe said server is attending 15 different tables. Direct your problem to the management, not the server." 

Just a tad bit heated there, but obviously something to look into when it comes to the service industry. What do you think? Do you tip regardless of the service or does it matter to you?

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