Watch: Do you tip the delivery guy?

WATCH: Do you tip the delivery guy?

Customers don't always have money to tip the pizza delivery guy, so check out what they offer him instead...

Do you tip the delivery guy? Check out what happens when this Pizza Delivery Guy doesn't get a tip...
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The pandemic has challenged us in many ways; from staying at home full time and being cut off from the outside world, to losing our jobs and holding on to our work the best we can. 

Delivery guys, online food apps, and online shopping benefitted largely from the pandemic in that there was a boom in their businesses. There was an appeal for their business model and people turned to delivery services and online shopping for almost everything. 

When it comes to tipping servers, we always feel like it's the right thing to do. We have all worked in the food industry and the working hours, the amount of hours on your feet, and the sometimes very picky customers are all reasons that make them worthy of a tip. So when it comes to delivery guys, the same thinking applies. 

As much as there was a call for their line of work, delivery guys, like servers, get the brunt, especially when it comes to complaining customers. So when we saw this video, we thought that this is a somewhat different approach of handling the no tip situation. 

We have also said that tipping your waiter/waitress and the delivery guy is important for us. Not just because we have worked in the restaurant industry, but because they are handling your food... that should be reason enough!

The video below was captured by a doorbell service in the states and shows some customers who went for an alternative because they didn't have any cash to tip the pizza guy. It is kind of a norm tipping the delivery guys in the US, that's from our knowledge from watching TV shows and movies. 

Check out the video (courtesy of YouTube):

What do you think of that? We think that offering another option to the delivery guy was a kind gesture. Sometimes people just don't have extra cash on them and offering an alternative is better than nothing at all. 

On that note, since we on Lockdown Level 3, how much do you tip when you eat out?

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