Big Tipper: A customer leaves a R6k tip for a restaurant in Cape Town

Big Tipper: Customer leaves a R6k tip for a restaurant in Cape Town

A family leaves a big tip for the team at a Simply Asia restaurant.

Big Tipper: A customer leaves a R6k tip for a restaurant in Cape Town

We live in a world where many people forget to say, "Thank You", and the truth is many of us can go through our days without validation. But then there are those that need that sense of validation, that sense of acknowledgement. 

The restaurant industry is one industry that notoriously faces a lot of backlash when it comes to people's moods. They are the first points of contact with the customers and many times they get blamed for stuff that has nothing to do with the food.

When we came across this post by Asian restaurant, Simply Asia, we thought wow, now that's something we have to share. We recently just had Darren's Tip Jar, that catered for helping people who were from the entertainment and restaurant industries. This aimed at helping them more so because they have been hit the hardest since the pandemic. 

A family that visited the restaurant often came in last week for a meal. When they left, they didn't leave the staff empty-handed. They left a tip for the team to the value of R6,000, which equated to R500 for each staff member that was on duty. 

"According to Simply Asia’s group general manager, Enzo Cocca said that the company is extremely appreciative and grateful for the family’s kind gesture.

“This has already motivated our staff to work harder and stay positive, especially in these tough, troubling times. He said the only request the customer had was to have the tip evenly distributed." (MSN)

The post received a positive response from people on Facebook.

"Very me hope in humanity again...kudos for sharing at this trying too." Atheema Daniels 

While Rowan Hardy said, "What an incredible gesture!!!"

What a beautiful story, it truly leaves us feeling uplifted when we see humans being kind to one another. It makes us believe in the good in people.

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