"I made a huge mistake and I might be a con-artist!" - Vic Naidoo

"I made a huge mistake and I might be a con-artist!" - Vic Naidoo

Vic had the chance to be with his family during the festive season and on the day of their Christmas celebrations, he only had one job...

Vic Naidoo
Vic Naidoo

There's no need to repeat it, but last year a lot of things went wrong.

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Although Vic didn't have a terrible year, 2020 did decide to give him one last little bad surprise while he was visiting his family over the holidays.

And it made him realise something about himself: he might be a scammer.

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Luckily it's time for the "new year, new me"-vibes and he is just trying to put what happened behind him.

But not before sharing his story with KZN, because it was definitely one of the things that got everyone's attention and it's a holiday story that they'll be sharing for many months to come.

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All we can tell you is it involves a lemon meringue.

So take a listen below to find out what Vic really got up to over the holidays, as KZN also shares their most memorable holiday stories.

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