Watch out for these criminal activities which are on the rise in South Africa

Watch out for these criminal activities which are on the rise in South Africa

What are the top criminal trends that are hitting our streets currently? Let's have a look...

Watch out for these criminal activities, which are on the rise in South Africa
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We don't like putting you on edge when it comes to thinking about crime, but the reality of the situation is that we have to keep informed about things that are happening around us. 

When it comes to criminal trends, they tend to start off in one location and kind of snowball into other areas. It's like any other trend, and definitely not a trend we want to follow. 

There has been a re-emerging trend that has been making the rounds in Johannesburg where criminals are stealing gate motors. A security company that works predominantly in the Fourways area noted a peak in the amount of gate motor thefts that took place in the past two weeks. 

"The popularity of the crime could be related to the ease at which it can be carried out, often in less than a minute as security footage has shown – with perpetrators reaching in, removing the covers on unsecured motors, taking the battery and simply walking away." (Business Tech)

One of the things that security company Fidelity ADT advised for home owners to look into as a safety measure is to make sure that their gate motors are secure, either securing it with a metal or wooden bracket. 

"The security company warned that if the gate motor isn’t properly secured, criminals can switch the gate to manual and access your property. There is also a worrying trend of suspects lifting the gates off the rails to gain entry, accessing the property and stealing the gate motors." (Business Tech)

Some of the crimes that were included on the list from the Quarterly Crime Statistics included:

  • 60.6% increase in contact crimes such as murder, attempted murder, sexual offences, and all categories of assault when compared to the same period last year.
  • There were 5,760 murders during the first quarter of the year – an increase of 66.2%.
  • 1,385 murders occurred at the home of the victim or of the perpetrator.
  • There were 1,340 (33.4%) more residential robberies from April to June 2020 than the corresponding period in the previous financial year.
  • 92% increase in trio crimes like house robberies, business robberies, and hijackings.
  • Burglary at residential premises increased 6.3%.

It is obvious that the lockdown did not deter criminals, in fact it most likely could be seen as a motivation for criminals to become more innovative in their approach. When it comes to staying safe and secure, we can have alarm systems, high-tech security, and so much more, but when a thief decides to set their eyes on something, you cannot control everything. 

Some of the best tips have been set forth by Fidelity ADT against home-invasion and gate motor thefts: 

  • Ensure that your gate motor is secured in a steel casing or bracket, which is locked at all times. Suspects often place their hands through the gate if your gate motor is unsecured and installed right next to a “palisade-type” gate”. They are then able to switch the gate to manual and access your property.
  • Make use of a good quality lock to secure the motor’s theft-resistant cage. Preferably opt for an insurance-rated padlock.
  • Install adequate anti-lift brackets and weld a piece of a bar onto the gate rack to prevent thieves from bending the rack upwards.
  • Combine mechanical anti-theft systems, such as traditional theft-resistant cages, with electronic notification devices, such as sound bombs and GSM units, which can send notifications to users when the device’s inputs are triggered.
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