#FindSimphiwe: Woman who was "hijacked and stuffed in boot" has been arrested

#FindSimphiwe: Woman who was "hijacked and stuffed in boot" has been arrested

There has been a new development in the case of the Gauteng woman who caught the nation's attention when she frantically posted on social media that she had been hijacked and was stuck in her boot.

Simphiwe Manzini Mtimande
Simphiwe Manzini Mtimande/Facebook

On Wednesday night, most of the country found themselves captivated by the story that was unfolding on Simphiwe Manzini's Facebook page.

Her Facebook status terrifyingly read:

Immediately, her post went viral with comments and shares from her friends on Facebook and strangers sharing the post for those close by to be on the lookout for her car and these alleged hijackers.

Sympathy rolled in as the masses believed in what has now been revealed to be a major hoax.

#FindSimphiwe started to trend on various platforms, with South African media personalities also joining in the race to make sure that Simphiwe’s safety was guaranteed.

Early on Thursday morning, Simphiwe took to her Facebook page again to share that she was safe although she did not reveal how she escaped the "criminals" who abducted her.

Watch the video below:

Simphiwe elaborated on her frightening experience: “The car has stopped they fighting in on who is going to have sex with me… (sic),” she posted.

About seven minutes earlier, the woman posted her car registration numbers: “XXXXXX-GP my number plate… if I die,” she said.

Simphiwe shared that apart from a few scratches, she was ‘okay’. 

According to IOL, Gauteng police spokesperson Captain Mavela Masondo said details about the incident were still sketchy as the victim was still busy opening a case at one of the police stations in Soweto.

Now the tables have turned and Simphiwe has been arrested for allegedly lying about the ENTIRE ordeal.

The South African Police Service has released an official media statement:

Media statement
South African Police Service Office of the Provincial Commissioner Gauteng

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Image credit: Simphiwe Manzini Mtimande

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