"Drive without your seatbelt and with your windows wound down," say hijacker

"Drive without your seatbelt and with your windows wound down," say hijacker

These are things that hijackers look for when they decide on victims...

"Drive without your seatbelt and with your windows wound down" say hijackers
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Crime is something that we have become accustomed to living with. The notion that we can escape it, is both unrealistic and naïve, because the reality of the situation is that it happens all over the world. 

It's just the levels of intensity that varies from place to place. Some would say that it's the worst in our country, but that's from one perspective. So when we have the viewpoint of the criminal and what they look out for, we would look at that as a pro rather than a con. 

As much as we hate saying it, crime is inevitable, we have to approach things from a prevention stand point. So when it comes to not being an easy target, criminals say, "Don't stand out!" 

This could be something that could literally save your life, but seems very counter intuitive to the law, which makes sense because crime is on the opposing side of the law. 

"For those in the cross-hairs of the hijackers their best defence is to drive with unbuckled seatbelts, don’t wear a mask and leave windows wound down." (IOL)

"The official crime statistics released recently by Police Minister Bheki Cele revealed that car-jacking increased by 92.2% for the period April to June 30 compared to the same period last year.

"In Gauteng, this number increased by a whopping 97.8 percent, with 2704 incidents." (IOL)

The statistics doesn't cause us much anxiety in comparison to hearing the hijackers say what they look for when it comes to potential targets. Here's what one of them said...

Admittedly, women are targeted mostly because they are perceived as weaker and easier targets. It's safe to say that hijackers definitely don't practice gender equality (can't watch face emoji).

One of the other things the anonymous hijacker spoke about really jolts you into the crime reality, and got us thinking if this is a common mentality amongst all hijackers or are there different levels of thinking when it comes to their field? 

According to a private security company owner, the levels of hijackings have been correlating with the lockdown restrictions. 

"There is definitely a correlation between the lockdown levels and hijackings, and when it's lower, and we have less restrictions, there tends to be a spike," the owner, who wished to remain anonymous." (IOL)

It was also mentioned that a new trend was targeting Uber drivers. It has mainly found its way around the Braamfontein, Mayfair, and Maboneng areas. The scenario reveals that a female passenger who is using cash to pay for an Uber books out a driver and once the driver arrives, a hijacker gets in instead of the female. 

The security company owner also advised that as an Uber passenger, try to sit up front because if a hijacking were to take place and you were seated at the back, you would be facing more danger because the hijacker could drive off with you at the back.

As scary as it sounds, it leaves us feeling a bit anxious knowing that we have to think about much more than seatbelts and our windows, the range of factors are seemingly endless.

Nevertheless, let's choose to use this as a form of information that we can build on. Always remain aware and practice conscious driving, don't daydream about supper or lunch, be aware of your surroundings and use different routes. 

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