Did you know there's a wrong way of drinking tea?

Did you know there's a wrong way of drinking tea?

We're leaving the coffee vs tea debate for another day because there's another issue that's boiling over...

Tea expert

Coffee addicts will always try to convince you that it's the greatest beverage in the world.

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And it just might be, to them.

But some people might not be able to ever sip on a good cappuccino because of health reasons.

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Or maybe, dare we say it, they just don't like the taste.


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Luckily there are many types of hot beverages all around the world.

One of the most popular being tea, with more than three-billion cups being enjoyed every year.

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But there are many controversial opinions within the tea-drinking community as well.

Milk first or hot water first?

Should you add milk and sugar to Rooibos?


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As always, people have different tastes and no-one will ever agree on what defines the perfect cup of tea, to each their own, but there's one "preference" that just might be more than that.

Should you remove your teabag after having it steep the recommended time or is it fine to leave it in until you've finished your drink?

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Vic Naidoo decided to settle this once and for all by consulting an actual tea expert! (Yes, it's a legitimate job title.)

Take a listen below to find out what the final verdict was:

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