WATCH: Here's why you should be sleeping with your socks ON

WATCH: Here's why you should be sleeping with your socks ON

Socks on your feet in the winter makes perfect sense. Since it's colder you want to protect your piggies. But what about the warmer months?

Dr Karan Raj

Wearing socks in the summer seems like insanity... Except it isn't.

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Bedtime can be humid and hot. No matter the amount of clothes you wear, they all seem to stick and become super annoying.

South Africa, especially KZN, is known for its sweltering summers. This isn't Antarctica.

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We get hot here!

Now someone is telling us that we should be wearing socks to bed when we aren't even wearing them during the day?

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Well, not just anyone.

Dr Karan Raj is a doctor who works for the NHS in England, but that's not all.

This medical professional has amassed over two-million followers on TikTok with his quick tidbits of medical advice and educational videos while providing a mix of cool, freaky, and just straight-up interesting information.

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Many of the usual reactions to his videos are "What?!" or "No way!".

Out of all his many posts, one really got people's attention and it seems to be quite controversial.

In this video, he explains why you SHOULD be wearing socks to bed and the medical reasoning behind it:


Improve your sock game for sleep #sleep #socks #learnontiktok #schoolwithdrkaran

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While we totally understand that he means well by sharing this information, this might just be too much for us to deal with.

Has anyone ever woken up with both their socks still on? Won't we overheat? 

Just imagine the foot sweat (or let's not imagine that).

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The least one can do is try it out and see what happens.

Except for extremely fiery feet, it can't do any harm.

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Main image courtesy of Dr. Karan Raj TikTok

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