Social media users are recreating their parents' pictures and the results are hilarious!

Social media users are recreating their parents' pictures and the results are hilarious!

2021 has blessed us with a viral challenge we didn't know we needed.

Parents Challenge

It might be a new year but one thing that seems to stay consistent is viral challenges.

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Whether it's an Instagram picture trend or a TikTok dance challenge, people will find a way of taking something simple and blowing it up to massive proportions.

We've seen these types of trends come and go, and even though they might not last forever, they provide us with some entertainment and a few laughs as well.

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Some are also more complicated than others (we're looking at you TikTok), but it's not always about the execution, it's just about having fun and joining in.

The latest one to be flooding our social media feeds is the 'How our parents used to take pictures challenge'.

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The setup is simple: dress in some vintage clothes that closely resemble the outfits your parents might have worn way back when, play Mbongeni Ngema's 'Stimela Sase Zola' in the background, and strike a few poses.

But remember: you need to throw it back.

So no pouty faces, squinted eyes, or any other typical millennial poses!

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Instead, you need to touch some leaves, lean against a wall or lie on the ground. (These parents might have just enjoyed being close to nature?)

In case you need some more guidance, we gathered some of our favourites that you can use as reference:

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Take your challenge to the next level by adding a classic vintage filter to really elevate the whole look:

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We would definitely score all of these a 10/10 because they have absolutely nailed it!

For more unmissable Vic Naidoo moments, listen here:

Main image courtesy of Twitter

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