SEE: When the 'Ye' effect takes over and you cannot stop it...

SEE: When the 'Ye' effect takes over and you cannot stop it...

Would you ever fashion this haircut? 

SEE: When the 'Ye' effect takes over and you cannot stop it...
Instagram Screenshot/@kanyewest and Twitter/@RealMrumaDrive

Trends are inevitable in this digital world of following, likes, loves, and views. So when we saw Kanye West (now officially 'Ye') on his Instagram showing off his new hairdo, it was only a matter of time before we knew we would see people walking around fashioning the same do. 

It's not something that we would vote for, but it seems that he has a message he wants to portray. And as we know, fashion and style is long known as a way for people to express themselves. 

There's no doubt that 'Ye' is known for his over-the-top antics that push him as an artist, but he is also known for his temperament. So we cannot help but wonder if his split with Kim K has led him down a spiral? 

After his name change, he has also been spotted in several public places wearing crocs and creepy face masks. We are all for expression, but is this may be a call for help...

Check out the photoshopped image of President Cyril Ramaphosa below, where he is seen contemplating his new hairstyle. 

Courtesy of Twitter.

Whatever the reason behind his behaviour, we appreciate the fun behind @RealMrumaDrive sharing his talent with the Twitter world. It certainly brought a smile to our dials. 

It took us back to the President's shirt from one of the recent family meetings that got South Africans feeling light-hearted. In case you missed that moment, you can check out the prank we played on Vic Naidoo inspired by the style of the President's shirt below. 

Courtesy of Instagram.

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