WATCH: Kanye sets himself on fire and recreates Kim K wedding at #DONDA party

WATCH: Kanye sets himself on fire and recreates Kim K wedding at #DONDA party

Believe it or not, but these weren't even the craziest or most controversial parts of the show!

Kanye West DONDA listening party fire and wedding

Kanye West has been keeping everyone on the edge of their seats for months.

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Since he announced that he will be releasing new music in the "summer", fans and critics have been anxiously waiting for the drop of 'DONDA', the album named after and in honour of his late mother.

In anticipation of the album release, which has been postponed multiple times and seemingly will be available on the 5th of September, Kanye has hosted a few listening parties, live-streamed himself living in a stadium, and just when you thought he couldn't outdo himself, he does.

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The latest #DONDA listening party took place just last night and was live-streamed by Apple Music.

The stage set featured a replica of Kanye's childhood home, where his mother had raised him, with the edition of a cross on the roof of the house.

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He also featured many guest artists such as Travis Scott and Shenseea, but viewers were shocked when disgraced metal singer Marilyn Manson (who has been accused of rape) and rapper DaBaby (who recently received major backlash after he had a homophobic rant on stage) joined Ye.

Then, Kanye not only lit a ring of fire that surrounded the stage, he also set himself on fire:

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Just when you thought the evening couldn't get any wilder (because what is crazier than setting yourself on fire?) Kanye shocks viewers with an unexpected entrance from someone we did not see coming AT ALL.

To end off the night and the performance, the final song, 'No Child Left Behind', played as the final guest made their appearance.

Approaching a beaming Kanye is none other than his future ex-wife Kim Kardashian dressed in a wedding dress!

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And what is the general reaction of the fans after witnessing this finale?

Confusion and bewilderment:

At this point, we have no idea what could possibly be next for the rapper but we're kind of scared and excited to find out.

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