CRAZY: Fans of Kanye West attend his 'Donda' concert and use it to make money

CRAZY: Fans of Kanye West attend his 'Donda' concert and use it to make money

We are talking about the 'Kanye-ist' thing we have seen online this year - and it's from the Donda concert.

CRAZY: A Kanye West fan is selling air from the 'Donda' concert
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Kanye West is infamous for leaving his fans lingering and wanting more when it comes to his music. Whether that is because of exclusivity, creating a hype, or just a plain old marketing tactic, we don't know, but it definitely leaves us at the edge of our seats, waiting with bated breath...

The recent 'Donda' concert, named after his late mother, attracted thousands of his fans to the Mercedes Benz Stadium in his home town of Atlanta. Kim Kardashian and the kids were also there to support him. 

Many fans were elated with the concert, the exclusivity, the rawness, and, of course, the intrigue. According to news sources, fans were left waiting for a while before he came on stage. 

"Considering West’s many album-release bait-and-switches in the past — he’d teased “Donda” and another album called “Yandhi” a couple of years ago — it was anyone’s guess when, or whether, the session would actually begin. While reports last weekend claimed that “Donda” had been completed, there were whispers among music execs in attendance that the project was still frantically being finished even as fans were seated in the stands," Variety Magazine reports.

The Entertainment Tonight video below gives some context from the story behind Kanye West falling to the ground and getting emotional during a song. 

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In true extremism, we see one of Kanye's fans displaying that same out of this world response to something that we take for granted, daily. A fan who attended the concert has decided to use their love for Kanye West to make some money. 

A fan took to eBay to sell a zip lock bag filled with air from the 'Donda' concert, and get this, their asking price is close to R50,000! So the question that is whirling its way through our minds is, did anyone show interest in this item?

This got us intrigued so we took a stroll to the eBay page, and you won't believe what we found. We found a page full (102 results) of air zip lock bags from the Donda concert on sale. The craziest part is that the one that had the most bids, (39 bids) was going for R179,458.66! 

The second highest with 11 bids is going for R58,583.61. Are we missing something or has the 'Donda' concert air got these people high on something else? Whatever the reason, as much as we are shocked, it shows that this man, in all his extremist behaviour, is a legend...

Check out a fan's filming of the concert live (courtesy of YouTube):

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