"The President's shirt": When you make a fashion statement at the family meeting, you doing something right...

"The President's shirt": When you make a fashion statement at the family meeting

We take a look at the President's shirt as it goes viral after our family meeting...

The President's shirt: A fashion statement

Style is a unique expression for us, it's like an extension of one's personality. Whether they use a piece of jewellery or a particular shirt, it all says something about them and about their mood. 

The same could be said about President Cyril Ramaphosa when he wore a shirt that was somewhat out of character at our family meeting this past Sunday. In true South African spirit, we all came together to have our own dishing session about the choice of his shirt. 

WATCH the video below (courtesy of Instagram):

While some said it looked like he was trying to pull the 'Madiba' look, others made fun of the overall style and then some people appreciated the relaxation that it brought to his mood. 

The thing is it certainly said a lot about his mood, it was almost like he shared the details on easing the lockdown level through the shirt. We loved his energy and he even sounded much calmer. Guess that's a thumbs up for us when it comes to good behaviour...

The one that got us laughing out loud though was when a TikToker compared the President's shirt to the styles of Georgie Zamdela from the South African soapie, 'Isidingo'. 

Here you go, you can share in the laughter by watching it below (courtesy of TikTok):


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