Monster-in-law interrupts wedding vows

Monster-in-law interrupts wedding vows

Bride reacts in the best way to her mother-in-law that decided to disrupt her wedding day during the vows.


There's a movie called 'Monster-In-Law', which stars Jennifer Lopez as an innocent and unsuspecting girlfriend engaged to a man, whose future mother-in-law is the one and only Jane Fonda.

Little does she know that Jane will do anything to stop her from marrying her son.

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Most of us would watch this movie and think "no person would act like this and do these things, surely?" But shockingly enough, monster-in-laws are a very real thing.

This has been proven by a TikTok video posted by Sarah Ragsdale which was taken at the wedding of her sister, Anna, and now husband John Larrabee.

The wedding, which took place a few years ago, was rudely interrupted by Anna's future mother-in-law while they were busy reciting their personalised vows.

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Within seconds of finishing her vows, her mother-in-law decided now would be a good time to let it be known that "you're not going to say my son has flaws!"

The bride, while being shocked, decided to stand her ground and does the unthinkable by telling the woman to leave her wedding.

The interruption did not end there, with the woman saying she won't leave because they paid for the wedding dress.

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Having had enough, Anna ends the interaction with: "Everybody has flaws and that's why I love him. You can leave, Judy. You can get out of my wedding now."

She still would not leave these people in peace, even threatening to call the police. 

The video has since been deleted, but not before going completely viral. The sister responsible for posting the video, captioned it, saying that the mother-in-law has always hated her sister and feels like her son is being taken away.

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And speaking of the son, what was he doing during all of this? Caught in between and staring at his feet!

Hopefully, the couple is now living on in holy matrimony and will not be experiencing any more mother-in-law interruptions.

Main image courtesy of Pexels

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