Taylor Swift fans show music critic no mercy

Taylor Swift fans show music critic no mercy

Taylor Swift fans go hard for their queen and would be willing to fight anyone who does not sing her praises. But how far is too far?


If you have been on a social media hiatus for the last week and might have missed the big news: Taylor Swift recently released a surprise album called, 'Folklore'.

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This led to an insane amount of Instagram 'Folklore' filter stories, people wearing cardigans, and in some extreme cases, fans may have called into work saying they're sick just so they could stay home and listen to the album on repeat.

Most notably were the reviews. Everyone agreed the album was incredible. Including one of online music magazine Pitchfork'ssenior editor Jillian Mapes, who gave the album eight out of 10 stars and gave it an all-round glowing review.

Yet the Swifties were not pleased, with the Metacritic rating for 'Folklore' now sitting at 89, which led to a fully-fledged attack on the critic.

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This despite the explanation that the score she had given was determined not only by her but by multiple staffers at Pitchfork.

While some sent her hurtful and angry emails, within hours of her review being posted, the threats began to escalate with fans even tweeting out pictures of her and her home, sending out her home address and even her phone number. 

Soon Mapes was being bombarded from all sides with hateful, and even satanic, messages. People threatening to burn her house down, dox her, and hex her. She has also received multiple phone calls late at night threatening her.

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She has said that although she is scared and suspicious of every person outside of her houses, she is safe.

Hopefully, these Swifties will look to Taylor Swift as an example of how to handle criticism and learn from her.

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