It's about to hit the fan - Vic confronts a friend

It's about to hit the fan - Vic confronts a friend

How do you confront someone that is refusing to return your things?


On Tuesday, Vic asked KZN what they are willing to lend to others. Every single person has something, whether it be shoes, their car, or clothes, that they are not willing to lend to others. 

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Most people also agreed that the reason why they will never again be willing to lend out any items is because of property never returning safely home. 

And then Vic came to a startling realisation: his friend still has not one, but two of his books.

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So this begs the question: How do you confront someone who has decided that they will no longer be returning your items? Will it be awkward? Will they make some excuses?

According to Vic there's only one way to find out: Call them.

Listen here to find out what happened when Vic decided that enough is enough:

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