Mom asks mother-in-law to buy grandson book, gets "oversized super cheap tent" instead

Mom asks mother-in-law to buy grandson book, gets "oversized super cheap tent" instead

Has this mother-in-law taken it too far with her over-the-top gifts? The internet seems to think so...

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Depending on your parenting style, you may or may not agree with this mom's social media rant. 

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"You want books, she brings toys. You want something silent, she brings in the loudest toy in town. You hate play-dough, she brings. Play-dough and the list goes on!" One hundred seventy-five comments later and fellow moms agreed with blogger, Mel Watts' sentiments. 

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The self-proclaimed 'Modern Mumma' posted a lengthy rant; she mentions that every time she suggests a gift for her kids to her mother-in-law, she triples it in size and noise level. 

Can you imagine a tent big enough to fit three toddlers in your lounge? We would go nuts! 

Now we can imagine everyone has an idea of what they want their little ones exposed to, but can we really blame a gran for wanting to spoil the kids rotten?! What we've come to realise is that grandkids are a do-over and a chance for your parents to make up for moments that they may have missed with you. 

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If we had to make a suggestion, we would say take the gifts with a huge smile on your face and make it disappear in time!

By the looks of it, the kids have no complaints, so sorry, mom, you have not won this one.

Can you relate to Mel's issue, be honest, we promise not to tell on you!

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