Hello, big spender! A bill of R500K worth of drinks in one night out

Hello, big spender! A bill of R500K worth of drinks in one night out

A bill that came to over R500,000 is making the rounds on the socials and we dive into it...

SEE: A bill of R500K worth of drinks in one night out. Big spender indeed!

Many of us can attest to the fact that we miss the life before COVID-19. It's like that saying, "you only really know what you have once it's gone." Well, we really miss that part of our lives and we are certain that this time has taught us many lessons. 

Sometimes we think that maybe that's why this all happened, to teach us some important life lessons? Things that we took for granted pre-pandemic have become luxuries, something as simple as walking around without a mask, for instance. But we do what we have to in order to stay safe. 

One of the things that many people miss is going out and enjoying the night life. The entertainment, alcohol, and restaurant industries have taken a hard knock and we truly feel for those that have been affected. 

Then all of sudden, as we scroll through social media, we find a picture of a bill that equated to R518,765.50! No, we did not make a typo, we have the picture to prove it. Whether or not it has been doctored, we are not sure. Nevertheless, we wanted to dive into the drink pool that these guests had...

Check out the tweet by DJ Sbu below (courtesy of Twitter):

People have come through sharing their shock at someone spending that much money on alcohol. Some of the comments came for DJ Sbu saying that he is promoting Bitcoin so that he can benefit from it. 

Check out some of the replies below (courtesy of Twitter):

We love the way this one acknowledged that the customer tipped accordingly, because too many times customers don't respect the minimum tip percentage that is 10% of your bill. 

While others shared their views about each person should be allowed to spend their money the way they see fit. And then the topic about money laundering came up where the restaurant and the customer were accused of laundering money, going to restaurants and bars and spending the cash that they have acquired illegally...

Whatever the reason, we are still trying to pick our jaws up from the floor. 160 shots of Jagermeister! Wow! 

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