"When the bill came it was a total of R17,000!" - Stacey

"When the bill came it was a total of R17,000!" - Stacey

Stacey has opened the complaint lines today and she's ready to vent... 

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There are a lot of things we learnt in high school that appear to be pretty useless now, like trigonometry! But as we grew up we quickly realised that there are a lot of things we know nothing about.

The struggles of adulting are also nothing new.

Adults have been asking the following question for what seems like decades: Why don't they teach us more useful, day-to-day things in school?

Our high school teachers and parents really said "taxes? we don't know her!" and you probably know the rest.

Why did they never teach us or at least warn us about the harsh realities we would face when we grew up?!

Like paying for things? Spending money is not as fun as we thought it would be now that we're making that cash money. 

Just when you think you can spend money on the things you really want, maybe treat yourself ever so often, the ever-present responsibilities of adulthood rear their head and you have to say bye-bye to that bag you had your eye on or that nice set of golf clubs you were going to buy.

Instead, you have to pay bills and those debit orders wait for no one.

Recently Stacey was faced with a bill that took her breath away. And not a good way.

Stacey is quite happy paying the rent she has always paid because that is just life but last month her bill looked different and when she started reading the fine print she almost had a heart attack!

Her usual bill had skyrocketed and she saw a number she was not used to seeing.

So it's time for a little rant.

Stacey wanted to find out if anyone else in KZN has had a similar experience: what things did you not think were expensive when you were a child, but now that you're older your eyes have been opened to the reality?

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