INSPIRING: Car Guard works his way to paying for his MBA

INSPIRING: Car Guard works his way to paying for his MBA

This story will change the way you see many car guards...

INSPIRING: A Car Guard works his way to paying for his MBA

In life, there are a whole host of things that we never think may be going on with someone, because they don't show us their pain or their discomfort. Unfortunately, many people are socialised into judging a book by its cover, which basically means that we take things at face value. 

The thing is that many people handle things differently, and in order for us to be better humans, we should always give everyone the benefit before we doubt them. In short, go against what your socially trained mind tells you at first glance. Fight that nature and be kind before judging someone. 

Patrice Niyonteze came to South Africa with a decorated resume, he was a primary and secondary school teacher, as well as a Human Resources Manager. But no one would say that because he decided to work as a car guard during the day to fund his studies at night.

Due to the political climate in his country, he came to South Africa in 2004. He registered for his MBA at MANCOSA (private higher education institution) shortly after coming to Cape Town from Johannesburg. 

"He recalled how difficult it was for him to introduce himself to fellow students when he first enrolled for tertiary studies. “They were all in good, professional jobs while I was a car guard. However, I reminded myself there is dignity in labour and before long, I had many friends," Good Things Guy revealed.

We can't imagine what it must've been like to leave your home country, be forced to take on work that isn't really high profiled and which has a stigma attached to it in South Africa, and then still manage to pay for your studies in a humble manner. 

We have heard from many people who are abroad that our country is both innovative and creative when it comes to creating jobs. Car guarding is one of those instances. However, there is a stigma attached to the job, many feel like it is used as a guise for some who are just trying to score their next glue session, or some who are not serious about actually working. 

But we cannot do this anymore, the truth is that we cannot judge a book by its cover, and we need to change that part of our social behaviour more than anything else. Let's challenge each other to be kind to the next car guard and maybe even engage in a short conversation with them, you may be surprised to find out that they have an amazing story. 

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