WATCH: A driver cuts in and hits the car in front of him...Let's talk about driving etiquette

WATCH: Driver cuts in and hits the car in front of him

Petty things that people do as drivers...

WATCH: A driver cuts in and hits the car in front of him...Let's talk about driving etiquette
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As drivers we rarely find moments that we can celebrate, most especially when we have to deal with rude and inconsiderate drivers. We already have a lot to deal with when it comes to the stresses of life, before having to deal with someone being obnoxious on the road. 

Whether that translates into cutting someone off, cutting the queue, being a day-dawn driver, hogging the right lane or just being plain rude, there is NO excuse to being rude as a driver. It's just not part of the common driver etiquette...

We found this video online and thought that this guy was super rude and super petty, and thought it was a great way to chat about driver etiquette. This was a classic example of how the law of attraction can nip you in the tooshie when you tempt fate - and, no, not in a good way!

This guy shows us why we need more patience and kindness when it comes to being a driver. After all, we're all on the road at some point so why not make our driving experiences better rather than worse? Check out the video below and then we can address some cool cat rules on driving etiquette. 

WATCH the video below (courtesy of Reddit):

You see how it can backfire when you are mean? This was a perfect example of how things can go terribly wrong when you act in a rude and unfriendly way...

We would like to motivate some kindness in you and so we have put together a few tips on how to handle bad drivers, because ultimately when it comes to working on your mental health, it means being responsible for your actions and contributions to any situation. 

1. Plan your trip - when it comes to getting frustrated on the roads, it can be super easy to hit your emotive spots because as South Africans there are many drivers, most especially public transporters, who are rushing to get somewhere. Their rushing leads to bad driving.

2. Don't engage - it's easier said than done, but the truth is that when someone engages with you in a negative way whilst driving and in general, don't engage with them. Ignoring and moving on can sometimes save your life. Road rage is real and it can turn ugly very quickly, so rather shake it off, let it go, and stay safe. 

3. Leave early - the best way to avoid getting upset and engaging with bad driving is to leave earlier. When it comes to being prepared, the most ideal way is to be on the roads before all the hustle and bustle. This way you don't have many drivers on the roads and you can drive in peace. 

4. Avoid hooting and put yourself in pause mode - we have all come across that taxi that stops in the middle of the road to drop off passengers, or someone who doesn't have the patience to wait and so cuts you off (like Mr. Zapper in the video above), don't immediately use your hooter as a tool to respond, rather practice the pause and use that time to sing along to a song on East Coast Radio or pull your tummy in, at least then you can say you used that time efficiently in a moment of self love...

5. Do something fun or kind - instead of making driving a horrifying experience, make sure that you have something fun to do in the car. If you drive alone, put the radio on, or listen to your favourite podcast so that you are concentrating on something fun and uplifting instead of some bad driver. 

Stay vigilant and aware though, and don't use your phone whilst driving, connect all your devices via bluetooth. Don't be that person! Also, commit to doing something kind, whether that means giving someone way whilst in traffic or waving at people, that always gets a smile on people's faces...

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