A cheating husband gets the word 'adulterer' added to his tombstone

A cheating husband gets the word 'adulterer' added to his tombstone

The extremes the road of revenge can take someone...

A cheating husband gets the word 'adulterer' added to his tombstone
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There's that old saying there is no wrath like a woman scorned, and, of course, that goes for all types of relationships. When you feel cheated in some way, there is a part of you that feels like you need justice for being wronged. 

Whether that comes in the form of exacting revenge or cutting that person off from your life, each person differs. We heard of a story that showed a woman exacting her revenge when her husband was six feet under...

A woman whose husband cheated on her with a colleague has shown him that she was the wrong person to mess with, even if her actions are post his passing. The husband had left her and his family to go live with his mistress, but didn't get divorced. 

They were separated, and his mistress had become pregnant. It is apparent that during a sexual encounter, he had a heart attack and died. Since they weren't officially divorced, the wife was responsible for his burial. 

Her son explained how his mother engraved his father’s tombstone with the following:

“In loving memory of John Doe, son, husband, father and adulterer.” (MSN)

He also explained that he was being hounded by his father's family and the mistress to have the tombstone removed. He went on to say that he could not do that as the burial land was actually owned by his mother and also, that was who his dad was. 

Many people commented on the post saying that they agree with her actions. It was almost as if his actions caught up with him, it's called Karma and we are not sure if he believed in it but now we will never know. 

She certainly acted like a complete G in taking out her anger in the most candid way. Calling him out and officially having the last say when it comes to their relationship. 

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