"I went to the pub last night... which led to an argument, but I will be the bigger man and apologise"

"I went to the pub last night... which led to an argument, but I will be the bigger man and apologise"

You won't believe what he gave her in addition to flowers and chocolates...

"I went to the pub last night...which led to an argument but I will be the bigger man and apologise."

When you are in a relationship, over time you get to know your partner's tells about what mood they are in. Whether they are in a good mood, a bad mood or just moody...

Whatever it is, you obviously don't want to add fuel to the fire when it comes to causing an argument. Some may differ in their approach as after a fight comes the making up, which can be quite sweet at times. 

This husband went out to the pub for the night, and upon his return he says that his wife and him got into an argument. So he decided to be the bigger man and apologise. 

His apology starts off well and then we're not sure whether this was his way of getting back at her or if he was just trying to make her laugh. Either way, it may have gotten him out of the dog box, or worse...

He didn't stop at buying her flowers and just chocolates, he went on to buy her a box of tampons. And with that he added a note...

His tweet wasn't all rose petals and butterflies though, as some responded with praise and others were offended. 

“Can men actually use their brains and stop thinking that when a woman is sad, upset, annoyed or mad, that they are either due on or on their period – like, we literally feel those things all the time,” a user wrote.

“Are you really apologising if you're saying ’I'm not sure why I'm apologising’ and suggesting that you don't need to because period/PMS = overreaction,” said another.

Someone else said: “Thought it was cute until I got to the tampons part … it’s 2021 and y’all are still dismissing your girlfriend’s emotions to the period joke?? Pathetic.”

How would you react to this?

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