Uh Oh...A husband gets into trouble with his wife after complaining on Twitter

Uh Oh: A husband gets into trouble with his wife after complaining on Twitter

This story brings up a very good talking point about airing your business online...

Uh Oh...A husband gets into trouble with his wife after complaining on Twitter

There is this unspoken rule about not airing your dirty laundry when you are in a relationship. When you have an issue with your partner, wait till you are in a private setting before you talk about it. 

Well, at least that's what we believe. Communication is king and queen when you are in a marriage. To avoid any warfare, it's always best to take your partner's feelings into consideration, because what you may consider a joke, may be hurtful or degrading to your partner. 

Of course, we know that every relationship is different, and it's up to each couple to find their way when it comes to dealing with conflict. We are no experts when it comes to relationships, but we know how we wouldn't handle things and that's what attracted us to this story. 

We are not saying that this is right or wrong, we are just saying that this is a clear example of why many people stick to those stereotypes of wives wearing the pants and controlling their husbands. 

A husband in India tweeted on his profile and consequently it led to a reply from his wife - and let's just say things don't look good for him when he gets home...

The tweet is in Hindi, but as per Google Translation, it reads:

"In childhood, there used to be a big jalebi worth 25 paise. They used to think that after growing up, they would earn and eat three or four jalebis daily. If you start earning now, your wife does not allow you to eat jalebi." (Twitter)

Just to give you some context, Carol Ofori is very keen on learning about other cultures, so she asked some of her team members what 'jalebi' was and if you didn't already know, it is an Indian sweet. 

In response to his tweet, his wife replied by saying: "You come home today...." Now as much as that sounds quite stern at first glance, she could be joking and playing along to his tweet. It's important to remember that not everything is as it seems at first glance. 

This, however, started a spat on Twitter, with people saying things that were both funny (we have to admit) but also stereotypical of the wife. Nevertheless, we have chosen to take it in a light hearted way and we are wondering if you ever went through something like this?

Check out a video below that someone posted of someone making jalebi - we found it quite interesting. 

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